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The Cultures

Nov 15, 2020

Naomi's virtual travel instructions!

  • Look for music from the country
  • Search on BBC Sounds (there’s a prog called World Music Road Trip and also sometimes stuff in From Our Own Correspondent)
  • Also try documentaries, especially Storyville
  • Find the best movie you’ve never seen from that country
  • Internet search for recipes from there
  • Look online for specialist ingredients
  • Is there takeaway from there one could get?
  • Can you do a few minutes of language learning via Duolingo etc? Just enough to say hello, goodbye, please and thank you?
  • Who’s their most famous writer? Read a short story
  • Have they ever had a movie up for best foreign picture Oscar, or best short or best documentary?
  • Where would you stay? Pick a hotel. Have a look on Google Street View to see where you “are”
  • Is there a board game (or video game!) from that country to try?
  • What sights would you try to see if you were there? Can you find virtual tours online?
  • What do people drink in a cafè or bar there?
  • Can you learn to sing something that’s popular there or written there?
  • Put the radio on all day from that country
  • Change your Twitter/social media localisation to that country
    Is there a bath product/perfume/smell from there?

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